Half Marathon Training

half marathon trainingIf you think you can complete a half marathon with little or no training, think again. A half marathon training is a big effort and the demands on your body are considerable. Before you start worrying and panic about what lies ahead, you have plenty of time to prepare. The whole point of training is to get your body ready for the half marathon. Through appropriate training your teach you body to handle to half marathon distance and with the right preparation you will see your half marathon finish become more of a reality than a distant dream.

When to start

Start your half marathon training  today! Procrastinating and putting it off doesn’t help you get any closer to finish. The journey starts now. Be courageous and commit. You can do it. Start off gently and progressively and over time your fitness will improve. Don’t be afraid to walk or walk-jog to begin with as you build up time on your feet.

Give yourself plenty of time to prepare for half marathon. Last 3 months the most important thing you must do is look to establish a routine of regular running. In the first few weeks aim to build up to 3 runs of 20 to 40 minutes each per week. Once you have the routine established, stick to it. If you stop and restart it’ll be much harder in the long run.

Getting ready to run your half marathon? & don’t know where to start from?

Take your shoes off for a while, sit back, relax & read about.


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